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Verbal Defense and Influence’s anti-bullying program is based on the work of Dr. George Thompson who has trained over 1 million people and written four books (with over 300,000 copies sold) on his structured communication methodology for dealing with verbal confrontations.

In 1983, Dr. Thompson, who was an English professor and part-time police officer, formed an institute to research and develop training programs to help police officers de-escalate verbal and physical confrontations — which they experience more often than any other segment of the population.

In 2009, Verbal Defense and Influence was formed to take Dr. Thompson’s work and apply it to new areas beyond law enforcement — including youth bullying.

One of their first projects was to develop a Verbal Self Defense instructor certification program as a credentialed course at one of the leading technical college’s in the US.

When we learned about this program we jumped at the opportunity to take this course and be the only martial arts school in the Pittsburgh area to be certified by Verbal Defense and Influence in their anti-bullying methodology.

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Instructor Joshua Ryer
Pittsburgh’s Bully Expert
5440 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 621-7937

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